April 2, 2020
Schema Markup

What Is Schema Markup And How It Helps To Get Organic Traffic?

SEO can be practiced in traditional ways but there are modern ways to improve the SEO and structured data which also includes schema markup. We know that schema markup is gaining popularity and enhancing SEO, but the question is what schema markup is and why it’s becoming very important. What is the term schema markup means? Schema markup or micro data is the way to describe your content to search engines in simpler terms that they can understand it. This can be done by adding the piece of code to your HTML. The codes are not visible to users but ... Read More
February 12, 2020
Keyword Clustering and Its Usage in SEO

Keyword Clustering and Its Usage in SEO

Keyword clustering is an excellent SEO tool and if your pages fail to gain transactions in search engines and do not bring the number of visitors you need, then you can use the grouping keywords to improve the situation, which also helps you to improve your site in general. Mostly, while doing keyword research, you aim to end up with one main keyword that can target each of your pages. With keyword clustering we can easily find the content online. It targets the number of keywords per page rather than one or two keywords. How many keywords we can target? ... Read More
June 17, 2019
Voice Search SEO

Emerging Trends in Voice Search SEO

Starting a new business or company without digital marketing and search engine optimization procedure is just like organizing a gigantic party and not to invite anyone to it. SEO is just like a science and art of the modern time whose usage is further than your imagination. In this hi-tech dynamic world, if you are annoying to understand the actual possession of Digital Marketing, then your competitors will certainly take a grasp on your search engine optimization digital lunch. What is Voice Search? Proposed by Google, Voice Search gains more novelty and a bunch of users relies on this. The ... Read More
May 30, 2019

How to Write SEO Optimized Article

Optimizing your articles, blog posts and web pages improve the visibility of your site on web search engines for people who are entering keywords related to your service or product or relevant to your content. This can also assist web publishers to increase web page traffic for a higher ranking in search engines and to improve the number of readers. Here are a few fundamental tips on how to write SEO optimized article that will get you high ranking on search engines: Keyword Research Just stuffing arbitrary keywords into your article will make the words look forced and inappropriate. This ... Read More