Tips to Create a Strong B2B Email Marketing Strategy

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If you are an email marketer, you understand how essential it is to consider your audience when designing a campaign. Strategies that are effectual for B2C marketing might not translate to B2B email marketing. The following B2B email marketing tips will assist you better know how to improve your strategy. Keep them in mind while planning your next B2B Email Marketing Campaign.

Build Your List Gradually

In a B2B market, you wish to develop your email list of email recipients slowly and improve CTR over time. You wish that list to contain customers who like to obtain the message, clients who have purchased from your company in the past, and eventually, customers who are interested in forging a relationship with your company.

A small list is not a horrific thing if that list is made up of extremely targeted and relevant users who click-through! Starting off small with your existing customers lets you maximize your click-through rate so that you recognize exactly what kinds of colors, images, content, fonts, links and text work best within your campaigns.

“Buy-In” Rather Than “Forced-In”

Again, in a business to business market, it is never a numbering game. It is never only about taking a business to the business data list, a conference, tradeshow and or exhibitor list, and then adding all those names to your email campaign list.

It is a requirement that your customer “buy-in” to the email campaign, and is not “forced-in”, lied to or misled into getting that email. Misleading them will do nothing more than irritate them. Finally, if you cannot take the time to clarify why your email campaign would be worth to them, then why should they even open it?

Offer a Customized Message

Your email campaign should give customized information purposely modified to the decision maker receiving it. For example, does your business just sell to business buyers? Or, do you also sell to field-service technicians, engineers, CEOs, business owners, draftsmen, entrepreneurs, or financial professionals?

It should not be difficult. You will have a fundamental template to your campaign and then squeeze it according to those concerns explicit to the decision maker your sending the email to. Your clients have numerous key decision makers and all of them have dissimilar concerns. Reaching each of them means coming up with the information they themselves see as value-added. The truth is that what concerns an engineer might not concern a business buyer.

Incentivize Customers

Occasionally, the most excellent approach to B2B email marketing is to get your clients to see it as something other than a sales email. Incentivize your customers to open that campaign by making them part of a client recompense plan. So, what’s a customer compensation plan?

Just put, you are going to recompense your client for making purchases. With each purchase, you will apply a percentage towards a discount on future purchases. Once your client reaches their required percentage level, your business grants them that discount or just applies that amount onto their outstanding balances.

This kind of compensation plan can be provided as a monthly update regarding the customer’s progress until they hit their prearranged percentage threshold. In real meaning, they will like to see that email since it will advise them how much they have developed in their compensation plan.

Value-Added After-Sales Service Solution

The business to business companies that succeed the day are the ones who give brilliant after-sales support and service. They do not simply just sell their product and then leave it up to their clients to figure things out. In its place, they assist those customers with important insight into how to boost efficiencies, decrease costs and get the most out of their most recent purchases.

Part of your email strategy should be centralized on an after-sales service campaigns where you follow up with your clients on their purchases while offering them an outlet to contact your company should they encounter any problems.

So, these were a few most valuable tips for B2B email marketing that actually brings the desired results. Include these points today in your B2B email marketing campaign!


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