Marketing Strategies That You Should Discontinue in 2019

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In present business world, marketing is one of the necessary things for business & all business owners equally concerned to be familiar with which marketing strategies will make the major improvement for their businesses. But there are a number of marketing strategies that take things just a little too far and might be pushing your audience away rather than drawing them in.

Let’s have a look at several marketing strategies that you should discontinue in 2019:

Filler Advertising:

Nothing can be more of a waste than putting advertisements out just since you think it’s essential. By creating content without direction, you are doing more damage than excellent. You are creating a marketing campaign based around not anything, and your customers might not keep in mind the ad, they might remember your company name in a bad light.

Cold Calling:

Cold calling is a marketing tactic and it’s simply mean making an unwanted call to somebody to sell a product or services. Usually cold-calling refers to solicitation by telemarketing or phone, but can as well engage in-person visits. Cold-calling produces several customers’ responses, for instance acceptance, call ends or hang-ups, and sometimes verbal attacks.

Cold-calling has become not as much of advantageous with the technology advancement. Now, several more successful prospecting methods are available such as email, text, and social media marketing. These latest methods are more proficient and effective at generating new leads as compared to cold-calling. So, you should avoid using cold calling in 2019.


These days, no one likes junk mail. It’s just a pile of mail you have to sort through to find the letters you in fact required and the same goes for email. By bombarding customers with unnecessary or unwanted emails, you are tearing down the reputation of your business. If you must email, ensure that you do it on a monthly basis or less. It will make your possible customers more appropriate to open your email and save them the annoyance of filtering through products they have no interest in purchasing.

Find Out What Works & What Not:

There are numerous different avenues to market your business. But it’s important to observe your success with every respective channel. By creating a customer survey and asking questions, for instance how they heard about your business, you can do this. By paying attention to this data, you can modify your marketing strategy to fit your business.

Ignoring Most Modern Trends:

Social media spreads the latest trends in the modern age of technology. By not paying attention to what individuals are talking about or what websites they are using, you are hurting yourself and wasting helpful resources. Ensure you know what individual want and where they would go to find it.

With many old marketing strategies, lots of businesses might suffer, but that does not mean you also have to. By knowing which marketing strategies you should discontinue in 2019, you can turn your business more profitable. So you should avoid the above-discussed marketing strategies and employ the latest marketing strategies that are time-consuming & effective in the upcoming year.

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