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Today’s customers are seen to purchase services or products from websites that rank higher on the SERPs. This has generated a situation where each business worth its salt wishes its website to look on the higher search results. Because reaching organically on the top can be a time consuming and hard process, why not use a fast solution? As businesses want to get rapid results for their money spent, engaging pay-per-click services can be a pleasing option. But, to make certain the PPC management services give you the maximum campaign returns, conducting good keyword research is necessary.

Keywords & Their Significance in Running PPC Advertising Services

Keywords are the search terms used by your objective clients on search engines to get specific information. Incorporating the keywords that symbolize your brand, services or products in the PPC campaign can assist you to get better leads. Let us see how suitable keyword research can assist your PPC campaign.

PPC Management Services & Keyword Research

At the outset, you should do appropriate keyword research using several tools like SEMrush, Google keyword planner, Accuranker, or Ahrefs among others to recognize keywords that are related to your business. The research can be based on a slew of parameters like Cost-Per-Click (CPC), the normal monthly searches, visibility, and keyword trends, etc. While performing keyword research, it is suggested to enlarge the range of your business related keywords by adding synonyms. This aids to improve the visibility of your PPC ad to your target audience. For instance, if your internet marketing agency needs to emphasize on the SEO part in your PPC campaign, it can utilize similar search terms that a user who is unaware of the more technical aspect of SEO, is likely to utilize – top rank on search engine result pages, etc.

Moreover, keyword research can assist you to choose definite keyword match types to make certain your PPC campaign remains effective and focused. Let us know the keyword match types in some detail.

  • Broad Match

This kind of keyword match allows your PPC ad to show on search engines whenever similar words – singular/plural, misspellings, synonyms, related variations, etc are used in the search query. You can declare a keyword as a wide match if you want the most probable users to look at your advertisement. However, this can be a more expensive scheme.

  • Phrase match

This kind of keyword match shall activate your ad only when the searches contain the accurate order of the keyword. For instance, if ‘digital marketing’ is affirmed as a phrase match, then searches that contain ‘digital marketing company’ or ‘digital marketing agency’ shall activate your PPC ad to be shown on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

  • Exact match

The keyword match kind shall display your ad only when the search queries are closely similar to your keyword.

  • Broad match modifier

This particular keyword match kind can assist you to manage the display of your advertisement when the keywords are closely related. This assists you gather a higher CTR and better leads and conversions. This type of match can fill the gap between a phrase match type and broad match type. It is set up by making use of the ‘+’ sign to emphasize the keyword that should definitely be part of the search query. For instance, if you use “+digital +marketing” then your ad will get displayed for search queries that have both the words ‘digital’ & ‘marketing’ in them.

Advantages of keyword research for PPC campaign

Keyword research can assist your PPC campaign in the following ways –

  • Set up bids:

After determining the business related keywords to be used in your PPC campaign, it is time now to set proposal value for your keywords. You have three choices to select from – top of page bid, first-page bid, and first position bid. The cost per click will be the maximum for the first position bid. But, you should set the “Max CPC” as per your budget to optimize the display of your advertisements across the SERP.

  • Intelligent use of negative keywords:

Your PPC budget can go for a toss if you don’t account for the negative keywords. To avoid unrelated clicks, it is vital that your PPC management company incorporates relevant yet not needed search terms under the ‘negative keywords’ field in Google Ads. For instance, if you are a source of digital marketing services, you can realize the negative search terms like ‘courses’, ‘information’, ‘training’ etc and contain them in the negative keywords list. Therefore, you can utilize the provision of ‘negative keywords’ on Google Ads to avoid false clicks and optimize expenses.


After setting up your business related keywords and eliminating the negative ones, you should be prepared to reach out to your clients effectively and quickly through the PPC campaign. But, you should find the keywords not delivering the desired results, try changing them with new ones recommended by Google Ads. This is where engaging experienced PPC management services can assist you to get the most excellent returns for every penny spent.

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