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June 18, 2019
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Google has a history of rolling out updates of its algorithms due to which many SEO experts have to spend sleepless nights for getting the things back on the track for their clients so that they can take some useful measures for their client’s website rankings. Google is still leading the search engine in the world of internet with the market shares of 90.4% and one of its trademark algorithms, PageRank can never be ignored by the SEO community.

On 3rd June 2019, Google launched its Broad Core algorithm update which is known as the June 2019 Broad Core algorithm update of Google.This algorithm update is not about the specific issues unlike Pigeon update which was about SEO spam, but it was more to do with the spams that are related to the link. The core update is broad and is all about tweaking the main algorithm.

Some Key points related to the update

  • According to Google, there is nothing to be done by the website owner to fix their websites.
  • It is not about the quality of the website only.
  • The sites that are ranked low cannot fix anything rather than researching the relevant content due to which these are ranked low.
  • Google has changed the weightage of some of the important ranking factors. The value of keywords that are on H1 tags is increased by 2%, HTTPs value increased by 8%, value of keywords in the title tags is decreased by 9%, the D Value on PageRank calculation is changed from 0.85% to 0.70%, and the method of retrieving logged-in users is changed from TF-PDF to TF-IDUF method.

Some noticeable results that have started to show after the updates

  • Some of the users have noticed positive growth in traffic, while there were some users whose websites rank dropped after the update who were registering growth for months even before the update.
  • From automotive, finance, medical to health sites, many have observeda greater fall in their traffic.
  • Many of the people have reported that when the traffic on the desktops gets surged, the mobile traffic was constant.
  • The has the highest English news reading traffic but has seen a great downfall of around 50%.

First time Google pre-announced a core update

Even Google has been carrying the core updates for years because of a dynamic platform that keeps on changing all the time, the company has made many additions and changes in its core algorithm over the years, but pre-announcements were not assumed till now. It is for the first time in June 2019, that the company has made a pre-announcement.

Before this update, the core update was in March 2019. Google has decided to pre-announce this time because it wanted to share the information with website owners and SEOs. Additionally, Google said that there is nothing big about this recent update, it is just a core update, it just wanted to keep the whole community informed about the update before releasing.

How you can protect your websites from algorithm updates

Here are some of the tips which you can use to protect your websites from being affected by the latest updates:

  • Make sure to provide good quality content. Use the content that is plagiarism-free on your sites. The content that is fresh and new has fewer chances of getting affected by Google updates.
  • Make your website attractive but donot copy the content from any other websites. Use images, audios, and videos to enhance the visitor’s experience on your website.
  • Ensure the loading speed of the pages on your website, as the websites which load within 2-3 seconds are not affected by the Google algorithms.
  • Hire an SEO expert that can meet the guidelines from time to time that Google is issuing.
  • Maintain your website quality and try to make changes for regular improvements.

Check the ranking of your site on a regular basis, there are some ranking tools that provide updated rank for the day. This is the way with which you can check the ranking of your website and focus on the actions to be taken for the improvement. The tools provide relevant alerts that inform you instantly if anything changes on your website.

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