Why Businesses Should Consider Reddit for Digital Marketing

April 29, 2019
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February 28, 2019
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May 6, 2019

If you are looking for a new platform for digital marketing, then you should consider adding Reddit to your digital marketing strategy. This platform hosts lots of the newest content that is published by a large network of users and contributors. When added up it attracts approximately 164M individual and sole viewers and users every single month. That is why this is one of the most excellent platforms that you need to use, however you should also know how to use it sensibly before you start posting on it.

How the Platform Works

The foremost thing that you should know regarding Reddit is how the platform works. But, you might wish to know just how it works. All of the content that is posted is either up-voted or down-voted by several users. The Hot page is where the submissions that have the most up-votes are seen, and it is one of the main pages that people view. Make certain you post related information that will draw viewers to your post and that will assist them to up-vote it.

Here are some tips that you would need to follow that would let you and your post to get seen:

  • Research the Appropriate Subreddit
    You wish to make sure that you are picking the correct sub-Reddit for your post. If you do not post in the correct area, then you are not going to get the views that you want.
  • Post The Link At Right Time
    The posts that are put up between 1 AM To 7 AM are the ones that do well than those posted throughout the day. Because this is the ideal time, people can see the posts prior to they fall asleep or when they wake up. Moreover, there are not as many posts during this time, which means you have more chance of reaching the top.
  • Post-High-Class Content
    It is extremely essential that all of the content that is posting is top class. There are going to be countless posts that might cover the similar content, therefore if you have poorer content you are not going to get as many views as others would.
  • Share The Post With Friends
    You should also make certain that you are providing the posts with your friends, so do not be scared to do that. This would make certain that they can share it with others and you would obtain a higher number of views.

The Viewers

One more thing that you should consider when you are thinking about why to use this Reddit for your digital marketing needs is because of the viewers. You should make certain that you know the percentages and structure of the people who are coming to the site. Here is everything you need to know about the users:

  • 71 percent of the new users to the website are male.
  • 59 percent of the new users are between the ages of 18 and 29.
  • 47 percent say they are liberal, 13 percent say they are conservative and 39 percent claim to be moderate.
  • 47percent of the users of Reddit are forever online and only 21 percent of all adults in the US are online all of the time.

If these are the groups that you are trying to target, then this is the ideal place for your marketing techniques.

Event Reminders

Another factor that you can use when it comes to this site is the Reddit ads, which are just reminders of any forthcoming events, including the time and date. They also have a characteristic that links them to the official page for the event. You can make use of this characteristic to keep all of the readers informed regarding any upcoming events that are related to your brand and company. This is the most excellent way to get people to see the event and click on the website without having to push them.

Great Customer Service

Another thing that you should consider is you can give great customer service using Reddit. You can answer several technical questions that are posted, which would assist you to bring in more reliable customers. You can also respond to any posts that are directly related to your business, which means that you can also assist to solve problems if any arise.

Watch for Posts about Your Product

When it comes to digital marketing, another thing that you can and should be doing is checking out for posts related to your product. If there are any, then you should chime in with feedback, mainly if they are talking regarding what they liked. If they are talking regarding what they would like to see, then make certain that you let them know that you have heard that and would think about that when you make an upgrade.

Wide Range of Tools

Also, when it comes to implementing the use of Reddit in your digital marketing strategy, then you can take help of a wide range of tools. These tools can assist you to see what is going on and you should know what they are. Some of the tools are Reddit Insight, Reddit Enhancement Suite, etc. These tools will help you make your Reddit campaign successful.

There are countless reasons that Reddit is going to be one of the major tools and an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Not just this is the most excellent way to hit your target audience, but due to the different subreddits, you can post anything that people will wish to see. This is a well-liked platform, which is why everyone is forever checking it and reading what is going on, so why not use it for your digital marketing services requirements.

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