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May 29, 2019
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Optimizing your articles, blog posts and web pages improve the visibility of your site on web search engines for people who are entering keywords related to your service or product or relevant to your content. This can also assist web publishers to increase web page traffic for a higher ranking in search engines and to improve the number of readers.

Here are a few fundamental tips on how to write SEO optimized article that will get you high ranking on search engines:

Keyword Research

Just stuffing arbitrary keywords into your article will make the words look forced and inappropriate. This will not get your page the traffic it requires. It is significant that your words target keywords appear in your article naturally. You must research and know the phrases and keywords that your target market is searching for and then add them to your article respectively.

Add Meta-Descriptions

Adding Meta descriptions to the article plays a main role in the ranking in search engines. Meta description works as a sales copy for the article that explains what your post is about. In merely a few words, your meta-description should contain your keywords and give a description attractive enough to attract readers to click on your article or website. Google checks the significance of your description to your article content and then discover it to what the users are searching for. Based on search queries, Google may change your meta-description respectively.

Use Your Keywords Correctly

It is not adequate to erratically add target keywords to a blog post or article. You need to add your keywords tactically in the proper places for them to create an impact. In addition to the title and the meta-description, your keywords also need to be noticeable in the first 300 words of your article, as well as once in every 200-300 following words. Targeting certain keywords will make your article more related and will aid enhance your ranking on the search engine.


Creating an eye-catching, short, and easy-to-understand headline is as essential as creating great content. Your headline determines if readers will continue going through your article or leave the website instantly. The headline must be great enough to attract the reader’s attention, prompt them to click on your article post and continue reading it.

Monitor Your Analytics

Even if your web content was Search Engine Optimized while posting, it should still be monitored using Google Analytics frequently. This will assist you to monitor your time on the website, bounce rate, and pages per session. It will also help you pick the appropriate keywords required to optimize your page. A review of your bounce rates will assist you to know why visitors are not staying long enough to finish your articles and also the modifications you have to make to provide them with what they are searching for. It will also help you pick the suitable keywords needed to optimize your webpage.

Include Internal Hyperlinks

Attaching links to further in-depth guides and articles on your website can assist keep readers engaged for a long time. You can also add links to blog posts and articles that you have written previously. Internal linking not just helps keep visitors on your page, but it also enhances the visibility of other related pages written by you to search engines. However, anchor text and a link should be related to each other. The anchor text should not be your target keyword but should explain the content in the greatest manner.

Attach Outbound Links

In addition to attaching internal links, you can also add hyperlinks to other sites and posts with content similar to yours. This shows search engines that your content is valuable, related and relevant to other existing content on similar topics. Attaching links to non-competing pages and posts can ultimately enhance the visibility of your blog posts and articles by attracting social shares, leads, comments, sales, and clients. You can also add no-follow link attribute to all the external links you have added in your content.


While useful content is one of the most excellent ways to get natural views for your articles, blogs, posts, and websites, these are some ways that can be of added help. Writing articles that are previously optimized for search engines can assist enhance your visibility and ranking since SEO Optimized article assist drive traffic to your site.


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