Tips To Optimize Web Pages for Better Speed Performance

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July 2, 2018
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September 19, 2018

If you have plugged your website URL into Google’s PageSpeed Insights within the previous month, you will definitely have noticed that it seems a little bit dissimilar. Where you inured to get a simple optimization score, your scores are at present divided by platform into two scores which are:

  • Page Speed
  • Optimization

The alterations were made due to the new Speed Update launched July 9, 2018. Nowadays, rather than relying on lab data, Google uses field data to evaluate the speed of a website. Google is able to distinguish how quick your average user finds your website by extracting information from the Chrome User Experience Report database.

That means that even though your website is lightning-fast on your end, users with older smartphones may experience holdups — which can impact your website speed score, and perhaps your website’s ranking. Therefore, it’s time to double down on speed optimization if you haven’t already.

Here are some advanced tips that you can utilize to optimize your website speed even more:

Avoid Landing Page Redirects:

Redirects holdup page rendering and reduce the speed of your mobile website experience. So, you should create a responsive website that has no more than a single redirect from a given URL to the final landing page. However, try to avoid redirects all in all. But, if you need to utilize redirects, select the type of redirect based on your requirement.

Improve Server Response Time:

Speedy server response times are a requirement because 53 % of mobile visitors will leave a page that does not load in 3 seconds. If you would like to avoid CPU starvation, slow database queries, slow application logic, slow routing, slow libraries, and slow frameworks. So, server response time must always be lower than 200ms. Optimize website for UX and measure server response time and real user measurements.

Enable Compression:

To reduce data usage for the users and improves your pages’ time to render you should reduce your content size that will shorten the time it takes to download the resource. To do so, you can use GNU zip software. Through the HTML5 Boilerplate project, you can find sample configuration files for the majority of servers. To enable compression you should prioritize removing needless data, consider alternatives to Gzip encoding and for different resources make use of different compression techniques.

Optimize Images:

Images account for an average of 60% of your web page size, and huge images can slow your website to a crawl. Optimizing images help out by reducing file size without considerably impacting visual excellence. So, ensure your website images are responsive. Use comparative sizes for images, make use of the picture part when you would like to identify different images. For image optimization, you should eliminate needless image resources, to replace images leverage CSS3, utilize web fonts in place of encoding text in images and vector formats where possible.

Prioritize Visible Content:

Loading your content will need numerous roundtrips to load and render your content if your above-the-fold content goes beyond the initial congestion window (usually 14.6kB compressed). This can cause significant delays and high latencies to page loading, particularly for mobile users. So you should reduce the size of above-the-fold content to no more than 14kB (compressed). Try to limit the size of the data necessary to render above-the-fold content and organize your HTML markup to render above-the-fold content instantly.

The optimization scores of websites ranking within the top 30 positions of mobile SERPs have all increased by an average of 0.83 points within the past three months, it means an industry-wide rise in the excellence of websites. Thus, utilizing the above tips to optimize web pages for better speed performance!


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