Tips To Select the Best Content Format to Attract More Links

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September 15, 2018
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September 21, 2018
Optimize Web Pages
Tips To Optimize Web Pages for Better Speed Performance
September 15, 2018
Bounce Rate
Top Six Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website
September 21, 2018

There are several ways to get links to your website. Some people use simple content, several stuff keywords in the content and these day many people creating an infographic or GIF as a way to attract links. So in this article blog, we are going to discuss a list of common types of content formats and advantages and disadvantages of different visual elements and their efficiency at attracting links.

Let’s discuss the following three types of content formats:

  • Interactive
  • GIF
  • Long-form content


In recent years, interactive content is the more popular format that is destined to step beyond static Infographics, which are usual. An interactive content format allows the consumer to interact with it to disclose different perspectives on something. This type of content can be calculators or quizzes or something more sophisticated.


  • It allows you to present numerous angles on a topic and efficiently give you the possibility to comprise lots of information.
  • Users can dive into different parts of the content and get the most valuable and relevant information to them.
  • A great design of the interactive content attracts links due to the format only.


  • For interactive content, you will usually need a front-end web developer, which adds cost to a project and time as well.
  • The design will need a bit extra work since numerous views might need to be accounted for. For mobile devices, you might require a completely new design.

Interactive Content Impact on Link Building

You will require to develop custom embed codes to let for complex pieces to be embeddable. It can be extremely easy to overcomplicate interactive content for the reason that you can do so much with it by adding up numerous data points and stories. More is fine, but too much might cause you to drop links.


In the last few years, GIFs have had the resurgence, and they do extremely well when it comes to content-driven link building. You can get some of the effects of an interactive format but without the development team.


  • Helps you get the effect of an interactive without development resources, which saves resources and lots of time.
  • Easy to upload a GIF via the CMS to blog, social pages or website — no coding or complex embeds codes necessary.
  • Users don’t need to do something to get your message and directly know what your core message is because GIF will automatically “play” when it’s loaded.


  • GIFs are not responsive by default that means you either need to keep them very simple or create a different GIF which can be displayed to users on a mobile device.
  • When pitching a GIF to a client, you may face some initial resistance.

Impact of GIFs on Link Building

GIFs can be most excellent for link building, and they get approximately as many links and coverage as interactive pieces. You can spend additional time on ideation and outreach which can secure extra links.

Long-form Content

When it comes to link building, long-form content is not usually thought of as “visual”. It lacks the visual impact and flashiness of interactive pieces or an infographic. Despite, long-form content does have the capability to get more inks, and in-depth, genuinely helpful resources can also bring lots of relevant traffic.


  • You can promote long-form content over a long time period, and you do not need it to be a “big hit” to be successful. This provides you with a possibility to implement outreach on an ongoing basis and not gamble over a short time period.
  • A long-form content format gives you a probability to actually show expertise in a given topic.
  • You can cover a wide range of topics this content format and add visuals when appropriate which gives you a possibility to promote lots of outreach targets and websites.


  • Generally not be interesting to top-tier newspapers, magazines and so on, which means you’re improbable to get links.
  • Can’t be embedded in the same way that an interactive infographic or GIF can be.

Impact of Long-form content on Link building

The Long-form content format can generate lots of links, but they’re improbable to get a “quick hit” or go viral in anyhow. You’re much more expected to generate links over an extended period of time. The types of links you’re probably to get are from resource pages, which might limit the amount of traffic you get but might still pass a great amount of link authority.

Final Thoughts

You should not begin with the content format itself. You need to begin with the topic or message you would like to convey, along with the target audience Once you are clear on those things, you’re in a state to make a decision on the format.

Also, consider the following things:

  • If you don’t have any development resource, then obviously, you’ll have to forget about an interactive format.
  • Assuming you have a design resource, take a look at what their strengths are. Do they do extremely well with data visualization?
  • What limits do you’ve in regard to uploading to the client website? Is a full-page takeover possible, or do you need to utilize a blog template?

Lead with your thought, take into account your resources and take time to consider the right content format. It will pay off in attracting links and bring more traffic to your content and your website.


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