Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App Today

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Smartphone users are rapidly increasing day by day. As per the surveys and statistics, almost half of the world’s total population makes the use of smartphones in their day to day life. The annual growth of smartphone users increased to 31% since 2016. In this Smartphone era, many companies are following the mobile trend to grow their business. In fact, you can see a lot of businesses have their dedicated mobile apps to interact with their customers.

Why should only the successful brands or big giants have a mobile application? Small to Mid businesses need more presence in the market to achieve their goals and better customer services.

Here are the top benefits of why one should develop their own mobile platform:

Brand/Product Image:

Brand image plays a vital role in every business where mobile apps will help you to boost your brand image. Many stay distanced from the modern trends and staying outdated may straightly impact the business.

Be Unique
Mobile applications are not dedicated only to Walmart and Disney. Think out of the box and develop your own mobile app and start playing with it.

Be Visible
It’s very crucial to be visible all the time. Ensure that the customer remembers you every time and not once in a fortnight. With your mobile app, you can push notifications to the user through different channels. It can be a newsletter, discounts, offer and case study.

Stay Techno-Functional
Ensure that you are updated with the latest trends. Staying techno-functional makes you sound confident among your customers and there is a greater chance of conversions.

Stay out of competition
Creating a mobile application is a forward-thinking approach! Small companies still think a mobile app will not add values. But the truth is, it will definitely take a leap ahead of the competition.

Play with social media
No one would have thought a few years ago that social media websites will be the future and now it is. As we all know that the social media networking is deeply connected with smartphones, mobile applications are intrinsically powerful platforms to engage your customers through social circles. With your own mobile app, you may drive a lot of social media engagement and accomplish different business objectives through it.

Word of mouth
Word of mouth promotion is ever time ancient strategy that is being utilized all the times even in the recent era. Purchasing decisions are influenced by the recommendations of trusted contacts. If your mobile app has frequent users, they may recommend your company to larger audiences through reviews, blogs etc.

Think futuristic
We never know, what will be the future in the next ten years. Mobile phone era has given way to new innovation like Google glass, Smartwatches, Virtual Reality. Having a mobile application will prepare you for the future enhancements. Invest in a mobile application now to benefit from the futuristic technologies.

Deliver values
Mobile applications can help to deliver your products much effective and loyally. You can advertise your products through a mobile application and increase the effectiveness of a product.

Customer Loyalty
Last but not least, one should develop a trust in your products. Surveys predicted that traditional marketing techniques are slowing ramping down because of the smartphone era. We are slowly losing our potential customers to our completion by the traditional marketing strategies. One should always be connected with their customers in the best possible way. Of course, we are not the detective to follow him all the times, but the mobile app will definitely stay closer to your customers.


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