Keyword Clustering and Its Usage in SEO

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Keyword clustering is an excellent SEO tool and if your pages fail to gain transactions in search engines and do not bring the number of visitors you need, then you can use the grouping keywords to improve the situation, which also helps you to improve your site in general. Mostly, while doing keyword research, you aim to end up with one main keyword that can target each of your pages. With keyword clustering we can easily find the content online. It targets the number of keywords per page rather than one or two keywords.

How many keywords we can target?

Traditionally, we used to focus on two-three keywords for the content but nowadays, we focus more on users’ intent then on keywords. So the reason behind keyword clustering is, we club more related keywords together or into the cluster and as per that we write content that targets intent. So, Keyword clustering is created for people as how they search and come to know about the information, there could be any reason for searching information online but cluster topic allows us to cover all the bases.

If you are assigning the multiple keywords to the single content then you have to make sure the keywords are quite similar to each other, as long as the keywords are similar you can work for a single piece of content, you can rank for multiple keywords.

How to Map the keywords?

1. Gather the keyword statistics: Start collecting the data from as many sources as possible; there is not enough data to work with, so you need to follow the process for keyword information compiling everything together.

    • Conduct keyword research on existing keywords.
    • Website users’ behavior
    • The keywords used by competitors
    • Using assessment tools. Like Google Analytics, Moz.

2. Screening the list: The next step is to screen the data to make it workable. While screening you will see the number of entries sharing the same focus keywords but these will have the different subcomponents.

  • Best web design
  • Most affordable web design
  • Web design strategies
  • Best affordable web design

So, here web design is the primary keyword which is used with different subcomponents so you need to recognize which subcomponent is used often. There are number of great online tools that can make your process easy.

3. Recognize themes: From here you need to select the suitable keyword that drives traffic and content relevancy for the audience with the online word counting tool and excels counting formulas with which you can get a great view of which terms occur often. You need to ask to yourself about the business which is more relevant to you and which term is more competitive.

4. Combine keywords together in a group: Before starting with grouping the keywords, you should know what keywords are more valuable for the company. By looking into the pattern you need to group the keywords in categories even if these can be done through the marketing funnel stage. You need to consider –

    • Which keywords has more conversion power
    • Lead nurturing keywords
    • Keywords related to lead generation or awareness.

5. Apply keyword cluster in a content: So, this would be the last step in which you have to map your keywords, there are a couple of approaches with which you can start. First step is to go with the blog by blog, second you need to add keywords with similar material and with the relevant search term. The third way is to look at the keyword categories with recurring themes that can inform future content production.



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