Rank On First Page With On-Page SEO Techniques in 2019

Generation Strategies
Important Lead Generation Strategies to Increase ROI in 2019
February 2, 2019
On-Page Speed Optimization
Why On-Page Load Speed Is Going To Be Important?
February 5, 2019
Generation Strategies
Important Lead Generation Strategies to Increase ROI in 2019
February 2, 2019
On-Page Speed Optimization
Why On-Page Load Speed Is Going To Be Important?
February 5, 2019

Deliberating on-page SEO techniques have always been a much-loved field of research for digital marketers for the reason that, in the field of today’s marketing channels, search engines hold a major share. What people do when they want to make something or want to buy something or want to make out something? They go to google.com, type or voice search what they want and boom – Millions of related results in just a few seconds are existing to them.

The websites that rank on the first page in the SERPs, especially on the top 10 in the first page of Google results, not only get higher publicity but have a major chance of earning remuneration. They get extra and better leads and quality visitors that create more conversions.

To rank better in 2019, it necessitates SEO practice and understanding of search engines in order to do better.

As stated by a statistic by MarketingSherpa, by optimizing your on-page SEO, the traffic is likely to add to 20 times. So, you can realize the power of on-page search engine optimization if done professionally. Although, if the task does not do properly, it can harm your site like none other. We all know that on-page SEO contains content marketing, keyword research, website structure, etc. But what exact insight for a specific activity you should be utilizing as on-page SEO techniques that grow results for you.

Do An Accurate Keyword Research

Keywords are the phrases for which you struggle to position your website in Google search. Keyword research sets the establishment of a strong search engine optimization campaign.

Consider keyword best quotes on friendship for instance. At this point, the website that a user may search would be on the best quotes or one-liners related to friendship. Furthermore, the search becomes particular as the user does not intend to get any other quotes of success, love, inspiration, etc.

Most of the results do not contain an accurate match keyword phrase. Means you can spot results where best quotes on friendship are not written anywhere although still, websites are ranking for the keyword. So, these sites have done some dazzling keyword research and on-page SEO to facilitate rank for best quotes on friendship.

Content should be Your Initial Priority

Writing worth content is possibly one of the fundamental recipes to rank at the top in search engine result pages. The quantity of the content is what you should be taking into a story. As said by online survey, the top results of 1st search engine result page do contain an average of 1800 words in their web pages.


Although lengthy content tends to rank upper, that does not represent keep writing longer content without arranging it. Means make use of correct subheadings in your web pages. You can provide bullet points to build partitions in your content.

Meta Tags Have to Be Optimized

Meta tags hold a controlling factor in ranking your site coming in the first page of Google. How do Google bots identify on the content on your webpage? Meta tags are the openers because they show what info a particular webpage represents, what user can look forward to by clicking that webpage and what is the aim of creating that webpage in the first place.

Thus, keyword-rich and relevant meta tags definitely stand out in front of Google eyes and they are extremely likely to get more meeting over the web.

Meta tags consist of the title of the page, heading tags (h1 to h6), description, etc. So, in order to make your site be a focus for more visitors, make sure you have included appropriate keywords inside the meta tags.

Different meta tags have a different ideal length
Title: 50-60 characters
Description: 130-165 characters
Header tags: 20-70 characters

Meta Tags Optimized
Don’t Skip to Make Use of ALT Tags for Images

Google still cannot figure out the content of the image on its own. Meaning, unlike textual information, Google can’t recognize what an image represents with value to its placement. Hence, it becomes vital and important to tell the bots that what particular image stands for.

Moreover, it is advised to utilize your keywords in the ALT tags in order to boost the SEO value of the complete property. If Google bots discover that there is one related graphic added for a particular keyword, it will add to the authenticity of the webpage.

Apply Anchor Text Smartly on Your Website

Anchor text is a text that is clickable in the hyperlink. It would be a phrase or set of words through which you can redirect your users to another linked landing page.

In the world of SEO, anchor text also plays a very creative role, if optimized correctly. Create an honest mixture of anchor texts on your site. Avert using brand names or overdo keyword-rich anchor texts because it may harmfully affect your SEO.

Try to be normal and creative while mentioning the anchor text. Moreover, avoid using generic anchor texts like “read more”, “click here”, etc. It is a pure waste of chances where you could have been more resourceful and descriptive regarding the content which you want to point on your site.

To Wrap

To get excellence in the world of on-page SEO is a subject of time and practice. You must keep evolving in order to pick up your rankings. With that being said, there are some of the general points that you should take into the story while performing on-page SEO for your or your client’s website.

The techniques mentioned above are the must-do steps for on-page activities. Since if you miss out or ignore any of the above points, then you will have a tough time to find results for your site in SERPs.


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