Why On-Page Load Speed Is Going To Be Important?

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February 4, 2019
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SEO Techniques
Rank On First Page With On-Page SEO Techniques in 2019
February 4, 2019
Strategy Trends 2019
What is Latest Strategy Trends For Google Ads in 2019?
February 13, 2019

With lots of websites at their fingertips, these days’ online shoppers don’t have to undergo slow websites. If one of your pages doesn’t come into view lightning-fast, your customer will go to the next to speedier online stores-and rather than converting those clicks into sales, you’ll have delivered a bad customer experience in its place.

Page load speed is defined as the duration of time it takes to display all the content on a particular page or the duration of time it takes for a browser to get a web server’s first byte. However like, page speed is not the similar as the speed of the site. Site speed is the average of some sample pages on a website.

Gomez.com lately did research which submitted that over half of internet users wait for a website to load within two seconds. Any take more than that, and they may start knocking their watch, getting frustrated, and getting ready to click away from your website to see if one of your competitors offers an e-commerce experience with a healthier page load act.

Research by Akami establish that just about three-quarters of web users would not go back to a website if, in their experience, it took longer than 4 seconds to load.

Why you should focus on Speed?

Page load speed is very important to users because, well, faster pages are more effective and efficient. As per recent researches that already mentioned above, if a page takes longer than three seconds to load, over a quarter of users will click leave the page or site. Mobile users are expecting speed, too. In the same study, 73% of users reported visiting a site that loaded very slowly. Page speed also influences the conversion rate. For instance, Walmart.com found that with every second of boosted page speed, they saw a two percent rise in conversion.

But maybe less by instinct, page load speed is also very essential for search engine optimization (SEO). In 2010, Google revealed that page load speed would be integrated as one of the ranking factors for their search index. In 2017, Google said that they will give page load speed even more concern, including mobile site speed to rank websites on its “mobile-first” pages, or pages that individualize rankings for mobile websites. Google is also analyzing with an Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) – a project aiming to make pages load faster on mobile devices.

Things That Slow Pages Down

With these effective statistics, you definitely want to make sure your website is loading very fast. Take into attention a few ways your website may slow down. First, a page with a heavy image, particularly on websites with active or high DPI images, can load very slowly. Optimizing images can make your site faster. Another difficulty is if your web page contains too many large files that must be downloaded. A JavaScript compression or minimization tool reduces your download size.

Analyzing Page Load Speed

You may not be familiar with how users are interacting with your site if you don’t analyze page load speed. Google’s PageSpeed Insights allows you to check your pages’ load speed score, as well to giving you the reasons – mentioned above – that your page may not be loading as fast as it could be.

Page speed
However, the averages presented by these Google tools do not always cover the whole picture. A quick look with some other preferred tools gives useful insights as you make the changes that Google’s PageSpeed insights recommend. You can perform before and after analysis and also lets you know if that resulted in add to in traffic and conversion on your website.

How To Get Better Your Page Load Speed?

Try these steps to help out get better your page load time and raise conversions:

Clearly Design Your Site Layout

  • How will your visitors navigate the website?
  • How will your content make sense to the layout?

Review CSS and HTML

  • Remove unneeded or unused HTML or CSS.
  • Review and eliminate unneeded and unused mode sheets, and inline styles.
  • Get rid of the old, outdated code.

As we look forward, though, one thing is obvious: optimizing your page load speed is essential for the future.


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