What Are The 2020 Tips To Create WordPress Website For The Beginner?

Web development agency
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July 11, 2020
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January 3, 2022
Web development agency
What Is Term Website Crawling And How It Is Important To Website?
July 11, 2020
Weekly Approach Traffic
Weekly Approach to Get Traffic with SEO
January 3, 2022

If you are a beginner, then creating a website is a huge task and expensive too. Days are gone when everything had to be built by hand. Now business flourishes them digital, and the online marketing agency charges thousands of dollars to make a site.

But the year 2020 comes up with techniques that even beginners can design the website without knowing anything about design, coding, or web development. Below are the things that you need to have with you for designing a WordPress website.

  • Domain Name: The domain name is your custom web address, where users can directly find your website—for instance, yoursite.com.
  • Website Hosting: As the name clears the service that hosts your website.
  • WordPress: WordPress is the free and most famous platform to create a website.

WordPress is the most useable website on the internet. Approximately 37% of websites are of WordPress on the internet. Designing the WordPress site is usually a simple click if you have website hosting.

What Are The Methods To Design A WordPress Website?

Select A Domain Name

When you plan to create a website, the first thing is to choose a domain name that implies your website name and address.  The price of the domain name lies between $10 to $50, but commonly the developer prefers buy the domain name at $15.

How Can You Choose The Domain Name

  • If your website is related to business, then choose a domain name that matches your company name.
  • For your personal use, you can go with YourName.com
  • If you set up website for international visitors then use “generic” domain name extensions like .org, .com, or .net. If you set up a website by targeting your country the use the “local” domain name extension like .ru,.de, or .fr.

Get The Register Domain And Web Hosting

With the domain name, you also need website hosting. Web hosting is a service that stores all your files or content on a secure server.  Web hosting is so essential because without its website will not be accessible to the visitors; they can’t read and browse. For new sites, the cost lies between $3 to $10.

The website hosting company from where you purchase, make sure they have the below features:

  • For security free domain name from SSL.
  • Free installation of wordPress with only a single click.
  • Custom email accounts.
  • No traffic limitations
  • Present for live chat 24/7 for customers .

Customize Website Design And Structure

  • Choose the theme for your website.
  • Add Logo and change color as per your choice fonts and scheme.
  • Add the sidebar
  • Add free WordPress add-ons.

Add Quality Content Into The Website.

Create your website page wise this will enhance the look. Commonly the website has the following pages:

  • About Us Page: The about us page gives an overview of the company.
  • Homepage: This is the first page of the website that, by default, opens when the user visits the website.
  • Contact Page: Here, the website put contact number and email ids with an address for the visitor who wants to contact.
  • Blog Page: The blog page can be used in two ways. First, you can upload the latest blogs. Second, you can post company news and announcements.
  • Service Page: This page is used to show the service that you provide the same as promoting or advertising the business.
  • Shop Page: This page is for e-commerce companies.

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