Trends to look out in 2018 for Web Designing

December 30, 2017
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December 31, 2017

Web designing has changed so much in the last months & we cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring. While 2017 was all about simplicity, 2018 brings back bold typefaces, vibrant colors & new possibilities for users to interact with the design. While browsing on a website, mainly design tries to catch our attention & keep us focused & engaged.

Following are some outstanding web designing trends that you should look out in 2018:

Bold Typefaces:

Big letters illustrate us into powerful headlines surrounded by many whitespaces. For everybody who always had a knack for the anatomy of a character, 2018is going to be their year. By the end of 2018, we will all know what the ear, ascender & loop of a character are. Bold typefaces are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also have an influence on reading speed, reading comprehension, & user perception.

Bold typefaces make a statement. They are simple to read & easy to understand. We are excited to see more of them in 2018.

Vibrant colors are back:

After approximately two years of pastels everywhere, vibrancy is coming back with a vengeance. No more subdued color schemes, the New Year is full of character, contrast & personality. How colors have an effect on our mood is a subject that has been extensively studied. Color has a significant impact on our brain, perception & behavior.

Colors make us feel a sure way & bright, vibrant colors make us feel awake, excited & alive. By the time we depart a website, we may have forgotten what it says, but we will keep in mind how it made us feel. Bright colors spark our energy, keep us engaged & fire up our buying power. They are eye-catching, positive & they keep our attention.

Design agencies have been using vibrant colors, but in 2018 everybody from small companies to big enterprises is catching on.

Mastering Mobile Design:

Responsive websites have become obligatory in the last years, with mobile traffic every day rising. In 2018, it is time to actually master mobile design. The question is no longer: Does our website work on mobile? It is: How is our content presented most excellent on mobile?

80% of internet users own a smartphone & they are using it. In fact, the average time spent on mobile devices is progressively increasing. Mastering mobile design & understanding how content can be best consumed on smaller devices will be a key challenge in 2018.


Challenges of mobile design are:

  • You do not want your screen to seem messy
  • You want to keep a similar functionality & navigation of content
  • You do not want users to find the same content on their mobile device & on your desktop version
  • You may want to display ads that are a challenge for mobile
  • You want to trigger the same emotions & brand feels your desktop website triggers

Users should love your mobile experience or else they will churn. A recent study by Google has shown that basically, no question is too small for users to take out their smartphone & do some research.

One main element to attain mobile priority is that your content should be easily navigable with one hand. Consider how you are using your smartphone. You may read articles while standing in the bus or subway & you may be texting when walking through supermarket aisles. Chances are you are doing several of these things with just one hand.

Google calls these situations “micro-moments”, short situations in which people are turning to their smartphone to get, know, do & buy.

Visual storytelling:

The video will only become more vital. Storytelling is getting more personal & video has a vital role in that.

  • Including video in a landing page can increase conversions by 80%
  • If your email subject line includes the word “video” your open-rate will go up by 19%
  • On average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without

The video is the master of visual storytelling, drawing users into scenes, stories & emotions. It is eye-catching, attention-grabbing & keeps us focused & engaged.

Wrapping it up

2018 is going to be an exhilarating year in web designing. The underlying question around all these web designing trends is: How can I keep my users’ attention & focus? The answer is: with vibrant colors, video, & bold headlines.

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