June 13, 2019

How to Improve the Domain Authority of a Website

Generally, domain authority is a logarithmic score that ranges from 0-100 which concludes how a web page or a domain will rank in the search engine results. There are various factors that decide the DA of any domain including MOZ trust, MOZ rank, linking root domains, social signals, the experience of users, traffic, etc. It is much easier to score a domain authority of 30 from 20 but getting 90 from 80 is tough. The sites which are authoritative such as Wikipedia, Google, or Facebook enjoy the score of 100. But it does not mean that domains with DA from ... Read More
January 1, 2018
Web Development Trends For 2018

Web Development Trends For 2018

The saying “The only constant is the change” perfectly defines the web development industry. Web development is changing every instant and in 2018 it will be the same. Client expectations are rising and it is very important than ever to create digital experiences that are intuitive, fun and engaging. Content should be accessible all over, in real-time, and, obviously, on mobile devices. To facilitate this, new PLs and frameworks are on the ascent, real-time web applications are growing more popular and extensions are growing more compatible. Here are some top web development trends for 2018: Vue JS Is Getting More ... Read More