WordPress for Beginners – Things you Need to Know

There are hundreds of factors of Google Algorithm, and we are sure sometimes you don't prefer to go over all of those factors to gain insights. Wouldn't it be your plus point if you can rank on Google without going with learning any of those factors? So, we highlight some minimalistic SEO approach that you need to follow every week to get traffic on your website. It can be highly overwhelming to consider everything when you are doing SEO, and sometimes you don't have a lot of time to invest in a particular task. So, to get rid of this situation, it is essential that you are entirely aware of where you need to focus and where you need to put your efforts. No doubt, it is always great to do everything while following each and every step, mostly if you are doing SEO. But, you need to know that is not always realistic, and instead of considering the strategy you have seen online about SEO, you need to think about the activities that are going to produce the most impact on your business. Approach 1 – Make sure to optimize your existing content. Now, optimizing your existing content means you have to find all the new keywords on pages #2 and #3 and optimize them in your content. You need to go to Google Search Console or Google Webmaster and check which page is getting the highest number of impressions but the least clicks. And then, you need to click on those pages to check out which keywords are getting the deepest impressions that actually are on page #2 and bottom of page #1 that you may not have considered in your content too much. At last, make sure you are updating those keywords in your content, but don't forget to optimize them in your title tag and meta description. Approach 2 – Delete your underperforming content Just writing content and creating a lot of links does not mean it is a good piece of content, and it also doesn't mean that it is going to rank higher on search engines. Further, it doesn't mean that it will get a lot of social shares. Even if people are linking to your content, they are not going to spend time to check it out thoroughly, and it's a harsh reality of content marketing. Sometimes, you create content, but you are not satisfied with it, but a lot of people get crazy about that content, and they just link to it without giving a second thought. So, all you need is to take out that underperforming content and delete it from your website. However, if it is related to any other article, you can just add a 301 redirect from the old URL to a newer article. Approach 3 – Do a Competitive Analysis You might not know this, but doing a competitive analysis can provide a great guide for your content efforts. So, when it comes to competitive analysis, you need to check out a few points – • What type of content they are writing • How much are they in-depth for those topics • What are their top-ranking pages • What are you doing to be better than your competitors for your weekly traffic approach? • Are you going more in-depth for your content? What you can do is to visit SEMrush, and type your domain name – when you do that, you get a detailed report for those pages that are ranking on the top, the traffic you are getting, the keywords that are ranking for your website, but you will also see your competitors domain. From there, you can check out the sites that are similar to yours and provide the same services as you do. So, you will actually get a list of keywords for which your competitors are ranking higher, but not your website. You can use that report to come up with a new keyword list that you can consider for creating content. Further, you can do a detailed analysis of your competitor's URLs to check out their top ranking pages, and it will also show you who is linking to them. You will also see a list of keywords for which your competitor's pages are ranking on the top of the search engine. At last, you can get ideas for creating the new content if you still have not covered any of those topics for which your competitors are getting traffic.
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January 3, 2022
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You must have heard about WordPress if you are going to start your first website, and if that is the case, you need to know what WordPress is.

If you are putting it simply, then WordPress is software that you can use conveniently to create your very own website or blog to publish on the internet. You can also call it a content management system, which was created in 2003, and since then, it has gained huge popularity as a platform publishing program in the world. So, the best part about WordPress is, It’s FREE! Why? Because WordPress is open-source software, which means there will be thousands of software engineers constantly working on it every day to enhance the user’s experience.

WordPress Website


Well, you need to go to wordpress.com to make a free website with their web hosting, but there are points you need to take care of –

  1. Your WordPress website gets deleted if you breach any of the terms of the service for any reason.
  2. You cannot make use of ads to make money with your WordPress website if you have decided to create a website on WordPress.
  3. You cannot upload any plugins to the website that help you optimize the functionality or operation of your website.
  4. You cannot upload a customizable theme, but you only get their limited options.
  5. You do not own your domain name, so you can say that you will get something like – yourdomainname.wordpress.com



It is for sure that everyone expects to have a website with a unique domain name that leaves no limitations, so if you are expecting the same, you can be self-hosted. For this purpose, you can use wordpress.org that allows you to download free software, and when you become self-hosted, you get the benefits of –

  • Access to the thousands of plugins for your website
  • An exclusive domain name for your first website
  • You can even make money from your website with the use of ads
  • You can craft your own online store to sell products or services
  • You can totally modify your website in the way you want.

WordPress Website


WordPress is the biggest platform

WordPress is the biggest piece of software that empowers around 27 million websites, approximately 35% of the web. With time, WordPress is becoming better and better to provide easiness of use to its customers. WordPress is free and open-source, making it much powerful and allowing software developers from around the world to make additions to it. Right now, WordPress is on its fifth major version, and the interesting thing about them is that with each code release that they do, they name it after a jazz musician.

WordPress is perfect for Bloggers

WordPress first started as blog software, and it is more into a content management system, so if you are considering running a blog, then there is no second relevant choice other than this. The most efficient thing is that you don’t have to know much about the designs – you just need to pick a theme and implement the design you want. Further, you get plugins that are more for functionality where you can add different functions to your website for integrating with other services.

WordPress for Bloggers

WordPress is great for small businesses.

Small businesses usually need informational websites, maybe with a small eCommerce, so WordPress can be an ideal option if your business focuses a little bit on eCommerce. The best thing about WordPress is that it is easy to start – most hosts offer only one-click installation, and some even come with WordPress pre-installed. You can even customize your website with the codes, and it is super easy to launch a website when it comes to WordPress. So, if you are a blogger, going with a WordPress website offers huge benefits, and you can share your business details effortlessly through your blogs.

wordpress blogs

So, in 90 to 95% of cases, WordPress is a go-to option if you want to start a website, and it takes only a few minutes to launch a website. All you need is to choose a suitable WordPress hosting company and trust the professionals who can create a well-defined website for you.

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