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June 11, 2019
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Generally, domain authority is a logarithmic score that ranges from 0-100 which concludes how a web page or a domain will rank in the search engine results. There are various factors that decide the DA of any domain including MOZ trust, MOZ rank, linking root domains, social signals, the experience of users, traffic, etc. It is much easier to score a domain authority of 30 from 20 but getting 90 from 80 is tough. The sites which are authoritative such as Wikipedia, Google, or Facebook enjoy the score of 100. But it does not mean that domains with DA from 50 to 90 are low-grade. It simply means that your site would experience a DA downfall if it is not efficient or it does not hold signals accurately.

How You Can Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority plays an important role when you want a high ranking of your website. If you are looking for better search ranking and more authority then only DA scores can help you a lot. Moreover, if DA scores are better, you can also get a better monetization offers through paid posts. Here are some of the points with which you can improve your DA scores:

Build links for the website

No other thing would leave a better impact on your DA score other than the links of your website. To boost your domain authority, you should try to get more and more sites linking to you. There are various other ways to create backlinks to your website but if you will earn the backlinks, that would be more useful to boost your website DA. Make sure to create quality content that people would love to link with. Useful content would result in earning more links. Quality content can include anything such as blogs, interviews, case studies, and many more.

Improve Your SEO

For improving the Domain Authority, you need to improve your overall SEO. This includes all the details that SEOs know – the site structure, URL structure, heading tags, Meta tags, keywords, and others. So, if you want that your DA should be higher then make sure that SEO is capable to maintain equilibrium.

Clean the Bad Backlinks

It is important to clean the link profile on a regular basis. Check your link profile, dig for the spam links, and get rid of those links. Clean it on a regular basis after a month or two.

Develop Internal Links

The high-quality internal linking is ignored for the “high-quality backlinks”. Internal linking helps you to build a powerful network on your websites. A website that has no internal linking is the same as a collection of disconnected and weak pebbles whereas a site with strong internal linking is like an unbreakable concrete. The more internal links you will build the powerful site network you will be able to create.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

The users do not like to visit that site which takes hours to load. Make sure to create a website that loads easily within 2-3 seconds or even in lesser time. It results in attracting more customers.

Domain Authority is important because it let you know about the performance of your website and help to compare your score with your competitor. These are the few points that will help you improve your website Domain Authority.


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