Top B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Website Optimization
Importance of Website Optimization
May 15, 2019
Wonderful Tips to Expand Business Reach Via Linkedin
May 29, 2019
Website Optimization
Importance of Website Optimization
May 15, 2019
Wonderful Tips to Expand Business Reach Via Linkedin
May 29, 2019

“The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.” Probably most of you know this old saying. It’s difficult to find a better instance of this saying than B2B or Business to Business.

While the prospect to sales has severely changed because of consumers’ virtually infinite access to information on the Internet, “leads” and the capacity to generate them constantly remain as essential as ever.

So how are B2B sales conducted? And what are the best Business to Business lead generation strategies? Before diving deep into this limitless sea, let’s have a quick look on inbound and outbound marketing.

An Introduction to Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

In digital marketing, there exist two different yet uniformly essential approaches are outbound and inbound marketing.

Outbound refers to any effort to bring your product to a prospective customer who has not sought you out first. Radio/Television ads, Cold calls, and billboards are all major examples. On the other hand, inbound involves drawing customers to you without having to reel in people who have previously sought you out.

The success of inbound, both in terms of results and cost, far exceeds than outbound. Actually, inbound marketing produces 54% more leads than customary outbound marketing practices, all while costing 61% less to execute.

Here, you may be thinking if inbound is that much better, why does outbound still exist?

Inbound needs a lot of time before you are able to get an advantage. Therefore, thriving B2B lead generation needs to strike a healthy balance of inbound and outbound strategies, of knocking on your customer’s door while letting them come to yours on their own.

Outbound Strategies

Although outbound strategies are less effective than inbound, these bring the results quickly. So, if you’ve decided to practice the outbound marketing, then here, we have collected some most successful outbound strategies for you.

Email Marketing

According to the reports, at least 91% percent of consumers check their email inbox daily, making email the most commonly checked channel of communication in existence. It is no wonder, then, that in the realm of B2B sales, the cold call has passed the torch to the cold email.

Cold emails present lots of similar problems as cold calls, as both involve starting a discussion with a prospective client. Regardless of cold emails’ inbuilt challenges, but, they have a different benefit over their telephone, as emails provide a solo opportunity for creativity.

Pay Per Click

The strategy of PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, basically entails purchasing visitors to the website of your company by way of bidding on “keywords,”

For instance, if you provide digital marketing services and are willing to pay a search engine for the keywords “online marketing services,” “internet marketing,” and “social media marketing,” then the link to your site will be up near or even at the top of the results page!

Google Ads

Certainly, the extremely popular form of pay-per-click marketing is Google Ads, since, people these days use yahoo or other search engines very less, and Google is so synonymous with conducting internet searches that the word “Google” has become a verb.

However, PPC using Google Ads isn’t as easy as only writing Google a check and waiting for guests to come. When the Google search engine needs that split second to choose who from the pool of paying advertisers will appear in that major real estate at the top of the page, it takes into account not just how much money the advertiser spent, but also the Quality Score of the advertiser, which Google determines by assessing:

  • The relevancy of the keywords the promoter bid on.
  • The click-through rate of the link
  • The general quality of the advertiser’s Landing Page.


If your business has the money to spend and doesn’t want to rely on search engine optimization, Google Ads is the most excellent way to cut to the front of the endlessly long line and basically guarantee you get seen.

Inbound Strategies

Inbound marketing practice is the most efficient and successful way for B2B marketing. In this, mostly following strategies are used.

Content Marketing

In digital marketing, there is really no better currency than memorable, interesting content for potential customers to view and perfectly download. So when it comes to content, if you’ve got it, show off it!

Probably the most vital factor in producing top-class copy or videos is – knowing your targeted audience. All content should be created with the following questions in mind:

  • Who, exactly, is my audience?
  • Where does my audience’s job title?
  • Where does my potential audience fall in their company’s chain of command?
  • What challenges does my potential audience face for which my service can provide a solution?

Viral Marketing through Social Media

In today’s era, I don’t think you have any acquaintances or friends that do not have an account with either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Thus, establishing an active social media presence is important to the business to business lead generation because everyone is on it.

Social media offers lots of viable opportunities for outbound, for example, paid ads on Facebook and Instagram or publishing articles on LinkedIn. However social media similarly provides wonderful opportunities for inbound marketing, most markedly through “viral marketing”.


Like anything valuable, effectual B2B lead generation requires time, persistence, and in numerous cases, lots of money. However if your advertising movement strikes a balance between inbound and outbound marketing strategies and displays a solid understanding of who your audience is and what kind of content will grab and maintain their attention, there is a huge chance that the overall cost of business to business lead generation will pay for itself.


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