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May 9, 2019
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The landscape of link building and SEO is changing continuously, and nowadays, the need to realize the significance of link building is higher than ever. Recently, Google’s Andrey Lippatsev exposed that content, RankBrain, and Link are the top 3 ranking factors in the algorithm of Google search. It is essential to build top-quality campaigns if you wish to make it great in the digital world. This article provides several of the powerful link building strategies that will put you ahead in the competition.

Create Link-Worthy Content

If you are searching for the link building, you are most likely already producing social media posts, blogs, and videos. You should ask yourself a question, whether or not the content you produce is link worthy. Create helpful content that carries value to the visitors. If you are creating content just to keep up with your to-do list, you are just filling the space, nothing else. Therefore, no one will link to your post which will decrease its ranking.

Start Guest Posting

If you have not used guest posting so far, we greatly suggest you look into it. Guest posting is an effectual way to gather backlinks. Many websites let you to write blogs and articles that may include a backlink to a page on your site. Reaching out to these sites and writing a blog post for them is also an effectual way to draw the attention of the visitors, therefore improving your audience reach. The company you connected to gets free content while you get to link your website within the blog; therefore, everyone wins.

Link to Case Studies and Reports in Your Content

Personal suggestion can be useful to the audience; however, if you wish to come off as a believable and trustworthy source and procure many backlinks, you should include stats and facts in your content. This is the motive why the majority of shareable content contains case studies, research papers, and reviews.

Earn Backlinks through Infographics

Eventually, the lives have become extremely busier, and their normal attention span has significantly reduced. Consequently, it has become tougher to magnetize them by an overfed article with too much content. An improved practice, here, is to contain visuals in your content as our brain processes visual information greatly faster than text.

Different people grab information at dissimilar rates and in different forms; your business message should be accessible in every form so that it can get the attention of a wider audience.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

Another tactic to rank higher for keywords of your selection is by analyzing the links of your SEO competitor and using them as a replica base for your own. You should assess the links, those linked to them, and why are they linked? Google the competitors for visitor posts which will provide all the websites where they have written guest posts. Study their work and try to find out what makes it unique. You should add these websites to your guest post targets.

Moreover, look for the phrases and keywords that your competitors have used in their blog posts. You should include similar words to create more related content for the same website. This is a smart way to take your competitors’ links.

Resource Page Link Building

A resource page is a page on a site that lists valuable resources and links for a fastidious topic. It is an influential way to develop top-quality links to your website or blog. To place your content on a resource page, you should locate pages that include similar content in your niche.

This is performed simply by typing the related keyword in Google which will give a number of resource pages. Check each page and find a blog post from your website that best fit the resource page. Including your site on a resource page can considerably boost the chances of getting backlinks.

Link Roundup Techniques

One more strategy you should follow to rank higher is the Link Roundup technique. Link roundups refer to monthly, weekly or even daily blog posts that are linked to important content. You should search out for such link building chances and contact them to include your content in their roundups.

The link roundup is an efficient strategy to build backlinks and drive traffic to your site.


Creating high-quality backlinks is an important part of any successful search engine optimization tactic. These link your site across the web; therefore enhancing your viewers reach and scattering your message far and wide. But, this is a difficult task and may need a team of professionals to conduct it for you. By following these tips and link building strategies, you will be well on your way to online success.

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