Latest Pinterest SEO Trends – Smart Feed Algorithm

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September 21, 2018
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Bounce Rate
Top Six Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website
September 21, 2018
How Facebook Marketing is Beneficial for Business
October 1, 2018

Similar to several other social media platforms, in the early period, Pinterest sported a sequential feed. However, the founding team switched to an additional “intelligent” ranking algorithm as the Pinterest platform became more popular and the volume of Pins grew at enormous rates.

Now every user sees a personalized feed, intended with the following parameters in mind:

  • Pins from dissimilar sources are assorted together at unlike rates. You no longer see every one of the latest Pins added to the similar board from somebody you follow. As an alternative, you’re presented with a more varied overview of the most recent content added to all boards.
  • Smart Feed selectively decides not to display poor quality Pins or might want to show them afterward in the feed. Now you’re shown the most excellent Pins first, rather than the latest ones. In several cases, newer Pins may be better, but the newness factor is no longer overriding.
  • Despite Pins/Repins from users you follow, the new feed also comprises “Related Pins” and “Pins from your interests”. If your Pin performs fine and is deemed of premium, it will be shown to individuals who do not follow you up till now.

Pinterest takes the following factors into account to find out which Pins to emphasize:

  • Domain Quality
  • Pinner Quality
  • Pin Quality
  • Relevance

You need to optimize your content around the above factors to tame the new algorithm. Following tips will help you do just that.

Let’s have a look:

To Improve Domain Quality, Tweak Your Profile Settings

Pinterest’s main objective is to deliver wonderful, high-quality content to the users. So they would like to make sure that Pins come from trustworthy websites. Perform the following things to boost your websites trust factor on Pinterest:

  • Switch to a Business Account
  • Switch to a Business Account
  • Enable Rich Pins for your blog

You Need to Work on the Quality of Your Pin
We all know that convinced types of images constantly attract more likes on Instagram. Pinterest users are also prejudiced towards specific types of visuals. To boost your content’s “Pin-worthiness” try out the following :

To compliment your blog posts, create longer vertical images. With a prompt to pin the image, add them at the bottom of the page.

  • Ensure those Pins are high quality
  • Feature the title of your post on the Pin.
  • Experiment with different types of Pinned content
  • Join popular group boards in your niche

Try To Stay Active on the Platform
Liking, commenting, pinning and interacting every day indicate Pinterest that you’re an occupied user, and you’re getting rewarded for contribution with higher rankings.

  • The platform can be a most important time-sucker, although. Therefore you can attempt using some automatic tools to save yourself time.
  • You should pin popular content to your boards as that contributes being a quality pinner.

SEO Optimize Your Boards and Pins

Pinterest cannot see the images you’re pinning, but their algorithm can read all the texts you leave to find out how appropriate your Pin might be for another user. On the rankings, Keywords in Pin titles and descriptions have a considerable impact.

You need to follow the following to optimize your Pins:

  • Choose the keywords first:

    In the platform’s search bar initiate typing a keyword and write down the auto-suggested keywords after that for different suggestions click around. Concentrate on selecting particular keywords.

  • Optimize Your Profile & Board Descriptions:

    Comprise keywords related to your niche, a snappy title, and an innovative description detailing what will be featured on your account.

  • Impressive descriptions:

    You‘ve 500 characters to comprise your keywords, an attractive description of your content, and some hashtags to offer an additional relevancy signal to the algorithm.

  • SEO-Optimize Your Pin:

    Utilize the similar best practices as for all your blog or article images.

As the majority of people think getting ranked on Pinterest is hard but it’s not, as long as you play the game by the rules and constantly work on improving your content quality and relevance!


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