Digital Marketing vs. Marketing Automation: What’s the Difference?

Digital Business Transformation
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August 2, 2022
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Digital Business Transformation
How Does Digital Transformation Work? A Business’s Guide
August 2, 2022
YouTube SEO
YouTube SEO: Tips and Strategies to Rank Your Videos on the Top
August 12, 2022

Both marketing automation and digital marketing techniques are used to connect your business to your potential audience. Sometimes, they’re used interchangeably, but it has critical differences in them. Let’s find out what actually both these terms mean and how to use them in your business’s marketing strategy:

What is marketing automation?

When you send individualized messages to your targeted audience, it is called digital marketing automation. You can use this feature to send messages in various ways, like sending email or text messages. Marketing Automation requires access to dozens of consumer interactions and customer information points in order to ascertain a person’s preferences and purpose.

Understanding the benefits of marketing automation

In this form of marketing, digital marketing automation software is used that automatically triggers the series of tasks according to the customer’s behavior. With the help of such automatic software, the marketer can work on making more valuable strategies for growing the business instead of the routine ones. You can use any of the CRM systems so that the marketer is able to find what their customers are doing at any given time.

What distinguishes digital marketing from marketing automation?

In this marketing automation process, the marketing automation platforms will automatically send a personalized message to the audience. Numerous other uses for automation software exist, including lead generation, data gathering, and automated answers.

In contrast, digital marketing involves attracting clients through online advertisements, search engines, and social media.

Marketing Automation

What is digital marketing?

While Marketing Automation aids in maintaining connections with current clients, Digital Marketing aids in consumer acquisition.

The platform is the primary distinction between these two processes of marketing.

Email and B2b marketing automation services work best together, whereas social media advertisements and digital marketing work best alone.

Additionally, digital marketing entails creating a website with information tailored to each visitor’s needs in order to draw them in and keep them coming back.

If you have some familiarity with digital marketing, you could understand what a blog is or why a website has to be geared for social search. To establish an effective digital marketing strategy, it might be difficult to see how these concepts work together.

You may speed up the process of developing and putting these ideas into action while also increasing their likelihood of success by using marketing automation.

Digital Marketing Types

A technique called marketing automation streamlines operations related to digital marketing. Marketing automation tools may assist in automating tasks like mailings, social media posts, and email marketing.

Digital marketing is the process of promoting goods or services online using platforms like social networking, display ads, and e-commerce. Focused on automating activities that can be put up once and expanded fast, marketing automation aims to transform outbound digital marketing strategies, including email marketing and analytics.

Marketing Automation Types

Because it focuses on developing rules that automate your marketing operations, marketing automation differs from digital marketing. Three categories exist:

  • Automated Outbound Marketing
  • Lead Management for inbound automation marketing.
  • Automated Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing: What is it?

To boost connections with potential consumers, outbound marketing is done. It primarily serves to communicate with current and new clients by phone, email, and other methods. It resembles conventional marketing. The same items, like sales or services, may be promoted through outbound digital marketing as you would with traditional marketing.

For instance, you may deliver customized communications to your clients and potential consumers using automation on the digital marketing side.

Let’s imagine your business has a list of customers who have previously purchased from you as a result of a digital marketing campaign.

Now you have the opportunity to inform them about a brand-new product line you are launching. This is merely a way of reaching out to them and giving them additional information as it’s probable that if they buy, they are interested in that product.

You could be in the real estate industry and use digital marketing to attract clients.

Anyone looking for a home in a particular region might receive an automatic email. The email may provide admission to a teleconference webinar about homes in that location or give information about properties there.

Marketing Automation Platforms

Inbound marketing: What is it?

A digital marketing method known as inbound marketing entices users to your website with relevant and helpful content and interactions.In addition to blogging, social media, video, and email marketing, it also contains content.

Inbound marketing is about producing interesting content, direct communication with your target market, and fostering brand loyalty. The results of this boost website traffic, increasing the probability that people will engage.Chatbots may be used as part of inbound marketing automation to assist consumers in providing answers to their questions. The customer service division is using it more and more.

This procedure shortens the time it takes for a consumer to get their issue fixed by the company, enabling it to serve more customers more effectively.

Businesses have also been able to save expenses associated with digital marketing thanks to chatbot deployment. 80 percent of all discussions on Facebook Messenger are being handled by chatbots, which are now taking the place of contact centers.

Lead Control

Lead Management – what is it? Lead Management helps you follow up with folks who haven’t answered while keeping track of who you’ve contacted.

This is the procedure for gathering and keeping leads (possible consumers) until they decide whether to make a purchase. This is a trickier procedure than conventional advertising, and it works best for online stores that build relationships with their clients.

Automation of lead management refers to the use of software and technologies to control the collection, Management, and improvement of lead data. In this context, a “lead” might be a current or potential customer of your business. Using marketing automation, leads can be found and nurtured so they can be moved into the sales funnel.

It varies from digital marketing in that it focuses on producing leads for your sales staff rather than increasing customer awareness. Your lead data may be improved and managed with the use of lead management software. A CRM system can be used in addition to or instead of lead management automation. Leading management software aims to increase the number of qualified leads and prospects for your business.

Email Marketing Automation

Digital marketing includes email marketing. Automation is necessary for efficient email marketing, though. Therefore, even while many consider email marketing to be one of the core components of digital marketing, we choose to call it email marketing automation.

The use of software to track website actions and send emails automatically in response to certain actions is known as email marketing automation.


The automated implementation of marketing procedures is a technique known as marketing automation. This kind of marketing aims to cultivate leads and produce high-value clients. The main goal of digital marketing is to attract and engage potential consumers through the creation of content. Digital marketing takes imagination, but Marketing Automation agency also needs a solid grasp of logistics to succeed. A company may employ them to increase sales; however, they are complimentary procedures.

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