7 AI Tools for Social Media Marketing: Every Marketer Must Know

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Google Update
Google’s December 2022 Link Spam Update – Tips For Preparing Your Website
January 24, 2023
Google Helpful Content Update
Google’s December 2022 Helpful Content Update – Tips for Preparing your website
February 8, 2023

As nearly a quarter of the population uses social media, its reach is astounding. Platforms like social media act as a link between your business and your audience & it will be improved with AI tools. People there are looking for something dynamic and exciting, so you pay personnel to put in many hours creating those brief content-based postings, analyzing traffic, and developing social ads that update your audience.

What if we tell you that you can put your human resources to better use by leaving these duties to AI-powered tools? Do you anticipate this, or do you not? Now that artificial intelligence tools are available for social media. You may leverage your workforce to develop company ideas and strategies that are more effective.

These technologies analyze your audience and content needs using artificial intelligence built into the products themselves. Not only can these systems read all the traffic and insights to tailor the posts to your needs, but they can also automatically create the social ads you need.

The AI system was created in a way that allows it to monitor the actions of both your audience and your rivals. We have compiled top AI tools for social media marketing. Look over the choices below and sign up for a tool that suits your need.

Top AI Tools for Social Media Advertisers:

1. SocialBakers – AI Tool

You can generate, analyze, monitor, and plan your social media posts with this AI-powered social media platform. Socialbakers take up less time. Thus it’s worthwhile. You can view the metrics and feed for each social media page with the help of this one of the exceptional AI Tools.

Characteristics of SocialBaker:

  • This application features an influencer dashboard function if you need to leverage influencer marketing for your page.
  • You can change between various social media divisions and pages.
  • Such include sections for cuisine, clothing, leisure, healthcare, or anything else.
  • The list of influencers your audience follows that best suits your needs will then be displayed to you and work as one of the best social media growth tools.
  • You will find it simple to launch an influencer marketing strategy or strategy as a result.
  • The engagement on your page then rises as a result.

SocialBaker Pricing:

SocialBaker is offered a free trial, so people who think it would be helpful can try it out. You can handle up to 10 accounts with SocialBaker’s essential package, which costs $200 per month. Moreover, if you want to handle more accounts, such as 15 or 20, you can upgrade to essential’s second tier, which charges $400 per month for your social ads. If you need this functionality, one additional bundle incorporates it, but the price is not disclosed so you can request a demo.

2. Lately – AI Tool

Regardless of how long your material is, the AI tools for social networks recognize its context, producing posts that meet that need. Also, it has many other helpful functions, such as social media management and post-scheduling for social ads. Additionally, Lately excels at analyzing previously submitted content to determine your ideal publication window.

Characteristics of Lately:

  • The best posting time is determined by monitoring your audience’s engagement hours.
  • Since it is one of the main factors contributing to the high post engagement, many businesses view that time as vital for publishing.
  • A fantastic feature of this application allows you to input campaign details, documents, and URLs from which the tool must pull content for Twitter.
  • Then you can click on “Generate Tweets,” and the system will examine all the provided content and produce many tweets for a single campaign.
  • You can add further information or schedule the posting if you want to.
  • As one of the best social media growth tools, this greatly simplifies your work and frees up your energy for more significant endeavors.

Lately Pricing:

According to some information, Lately costs $129 per dashboard monthly if you purchase a yearly package. The price for recently has yet to be disclosed in full.

3. Sprout Social -AI Tool

Sprout Social is well-crafted and exceptional software for Twitter that not only makes tweets but also responds to followers’ queries and other comments. After analyzing the content and sentiment of the tweet, this technology employs some pre-designed replies & works as one of the best AI tools.

Characteristics of Sprout Social:

  • Sprout Social is an artificially created technology so no dialogue can go on forever. However, it may respond to people’s posts and communications with simple, prompt responses.
  • You can verify the messages you are receiving and the responses your business is making using this feature at the Sprout Social dashboard.
  • The application continuously displays what is occurring on the firm’s Twitter account and is tactically built to offer answers in case of need.
  • AI social media interaction solutions support preserving a positive brand image.
  • Additionally, it increases customer confidence in the business.

Sprout Social Pricing:

Sprout Social offers two programs for businesses. The first plan includes all of the fundamental amenities that the business needs for $99 per month, and the package is known as the standard plan. The professional plan costs $149 a month and has advanced features for businesses needing more facilities & follows next.

4. Falcon – AI Tool

Falcon is another excellent AI tool for social media that makes it simple for companies to produce content. Your page generates paid, organic content that adheres to the social media planning calendar.

Characteristics of Falcon:

  • It is used for audience management, consumer interaction, social media management, content marketing, and Instagram management.
  • The social media AI tools assemble the content from blogging, case studies, manuals, conferences, and webinars.

Falcon Pricing:

Two plans make up Falcon Pricing, which is available on their website. The first vital strategy includes an impact measuring system, customer involvement, and content scheduling. Moreover, each month, it costs $108. This also offers a 14-day free trial.

The next plan is FULL SUITE, which offers all of this tool’s sophisticated features but is not priced. This needs to be discussed, and depending on the situation, features may be added or removed. The costs can be altered.

5. Cortes – AI Toolsocial media growth tools

Cortex’s superior data science and artificial intelligence capabilities make it the most suitable platform for producing social media postings. This displays information on the type of audience and their preferences for that niche, much to the dashboards of other social media growth tools.

Characteristics of Cortex:

  • Excellent post-scheduling functionality.
  • Lets you schedule appointments at the busiest times.
  • Examining the audience’s selection and behavior.
  • Explains when to publish for the best responses.

Cortex Pricing:

Cortex pricing is not mentioned adequately because it has been kept secret. Details can be requested on the website.

6. Linkfluence Radarly – AI Tool

Linkfluence gives data on the connections between your viewers and your page, including both good and negative feedback. This software also provides more valuable hashtags and keywords than other AI tools.

Characteristics of Linkfluence Radarly:

  • It measures a large amount of data every day.
  • Rapidly extract the appropriate statistics.
  • Analyze the effect that your posts are having.
  • Identify the trends that are prevalent in your niche.

Linkfluence Radarly Pricing:

When some businesses give quotes, the cost is not specified and made known. You can customize it based on the features you want to enable. Nevertheless, a ballpark value of between 500 euros and $554 per month has been determined by a few websites.

7. WordStream Advisor – AI Tool

WordStream Advisor analyses all of the advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and PPC to offer data-driven suggestions, making it ideal for social ads. It examines responses to all different kinds of advertisements to assist you in determining the most effective posting times and wording for increased outcomes. Thus, it is also one of the excellent social media growth tools.

Characteristics of WordStream Advisor:

  • It is ideally suited for small businesses & social ads.
  • Examine every type of advertisement to learn more about audience behavior.
  • Gather all the data in one location to know the outcome of the advertising effort.

WordStream Advisor Pricing:

The yearlong plan for WorkStream Advisor is $264 monthly or $2,928 all at once if you choose to pay in full.

The performance of numerous companies’ social media accounts has improved the use of AI solutions for social media. These technologies lighten the workload while producing excellent outcomes. The outcomes are thoroughly investigated, planned, and accurate. These AI solutions are reliable for boosting your social media presence because they have helped numerous businesses develop more quickly.

Whether running a startup or an established business, your brand awareness needs to be improved. Thus, MKR Techsoft is an ideal choice for you! Our firm can assist you in transforming your social marketing campaigns & boost brand awareness.

At MKR Techsoft, we are devoted to paying attention to the most recent developments and suggested techniques in social media marketing. Kindly contact us if you have any queries or need assistance with current social marketing initiatives.

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