How To Get Google Certifications For Ads?

January 10, 2019
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January 7, 2019
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January 11, 2019

Many business professionals and students want to know how to get certified for Google AdWords. It is easy; all you have to perform is appear the exam from Google Academy on Google AdWords for Ads (previous, one had to take it from a Google Partner).

From the beginning of 2018, From Google Partner, Google has changed study materials and exams to Google Academy for Ads.

Note: You should have achieved the AdWords Fundamentals Exam to be certified for Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam – Eligibility


You can get the Google Ads Fundamentals exam from Google Academy for Ads. Material for study also exists here to get ready for an online exam. To get this study material you require to log in through your Gmail account.

Points you should notice before you come out for the exam:

  • Anybody can appear in the exam
  • It’s at no cost
  • You have to get 80 percent to pass the exam
  • The exam time period is 90 minutes
  • In case you did not pass on your first attempt, you can effort again following one day
  • You will acquire a certificate as a personal

Some Other Exams Available At Google Academy for Ads:


AdWords Fundamentals

Everyone has to appear in and pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam to acquire up other certification exams such as – Display Ads, Search Ads, Video Ads, and the rest.

Basic and intermediate notions as well as benefits of online advertising and AdWords are enclosed in AdWords Fundamentals. This also consists of finest practices for optimizing as also administering AdWords campaigns.

AdWords Search Certification

This contains basic & midway concepts of managing, creating, measuring and optimizing search ad campaigns across the whole Search Network.

AdWords Mobile Certification

This certification contains basic & midway concepts of mobile advertising, targeting &bidding, ad formats, campaign measurement & optimization.

AdWords Display Certification

This certification contains basic & midway concepts of best practices for creating, managing and optimizing display campaigns.

AdWords Shopping Certification

This certification contains basic & midway concepts and in addition, creating a Merchant Centre account, product data feed and creating and managing Shopping Campaigns.

AdWords Video Certification

This certification contains basic & midway concepts of creating, managing and optimizing video advertising campaigns crosswise the web and YouTube.

Mobile Websites Certification

This certification contains basic & midway concepts of creating, managing, measuring & optimizing mobile sites. Attaining certified for this demonstrates a high knowledge of mobile websites design and the best knowledge of best practices and current browser skills.

Digital Sales Certification

This certification assesses the efficiency of sales representatives to effectively market Google digital solutions to businesses. It attains the fundamental concepts in online advertising and marketing skills.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The Google analytics individual qualification consists of all concepts of fundamental and higher Google Analytics that contain – implementation & data collection; planning & principles; conversion & attribution; configuration & administration; reports, metrics, and dimensions.

Digital Unlock

This is one more program from Google for business experts, on how to promote their business services or products online by using the Google platform.

Click Here to access the study materials of Google Digital Unlock exam and also to appear for the exam.

Advantages of getting the Google Certifications For Ads

Google certifications

  • Certificates valid worldwide
  • Make an impression on your customers by showing the certification
  • Access online training stuff from Google for every certification
  • In-depth knowledge required to pass the exam
  • Present it at the Interview

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