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What Are The Various Ways To Create Instagram Post Template For Your Brand And Business?

Create Instagram Post Template

Everyone in the current scenario uses Instagram. It is a powerful tool used by millions of entrepreneurs to do the promotion of their products and service. It’s quite difficult to take the time and create thoughtful and well-designed Instagram posts. To gain loyal followers that turn into your customers, you need a strategic design.

Designing a lucrative Instagram feed, designing skills are required, and commonly a business owner lacks those skills. The Instagram algorithm is also tedious to manage, which increases your stress. Multiple ways are available to create pre-made Instagram templates for different posts. The ways to create a post for Instagram is as follows:

  1. Make Use Of The Instagram post Templates

Nobody has the time, resources, or personnel design to create eye-catching Instagram posts in the busy world. Instagram Post Templates For Business easily provide you attractive Instagram post. All you have to do is download the Instagram post templates for your future or past stories and apply them as you feel fit for the brand.

You have the choice to change each and every part of your templates, such as design elements, copy, and image, to engage your follower base.

  1. Select The Format Of Post

Apart from your permanent timeline that allows the customer to comment and like, you should not underestimate Instagram stories power. The Insta stories are beneficial for immediate needs and occasions. Near about 500 million people post their Instagram Stories. So, the time you are creating your post, always choose the new feature of Instagram.

  1. Select An Image

If you feel like your post does not require the need for a photograph, the text on the background of solid color is covering the need for an image, then move to the next step.

If your post needs an image or you decide to have a picture for the background for a text overlay. Following are the options:

  • Click a picture of your phone (simple or professional).
  • Try to choose the image from the company’s file because the quality of the image (team photo or product photo) would be of better quality.
  • Use the stock images that are related to your business. Ensure you do not use the same picture multiple times.

The Instagram post Templates

  1. Adjoin Design Elements

Instagram post templates come up with several design placeholders to special text fonts and other components. You can alter, remove, or add the element as per your choice. You can include a copy of the information that you want followers to know or action you want to take.

  1. Save The Image

Once you are done with the template builder, save the image. The process is hassle-free; all you have to do is click “File” > “Download” > “JPEG Image” or “PNG Image”. Name the photo, message, or email it to you and save it on your phone so you can post it.

  1. Upload The Picture On Instagram

Once you completed with the entire process and saved the photo, then upload it on Instagram and share it with your followers. For a permanent Instagram post – open Instagram, press the + button present on the bottom, select the image, add filter, descriptions, hashtags, and press the share button.

For the Instagram story, click the camera on the left side of the screen, choose the image, minimize the date and time that shows up to the point, add GIF (optional) and click your story on the bottom left.

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