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The success and growth of any business depends on client acquisition, satisfaction and retention. MKR Techsoft Pvt Ltd. has been successful in offering the highest level of services by attracting some of the finest talent in the industry. Utilizing the most effective sales and marketing tools as well as partnering with the right companies, MKR Techsoft has become a market leader in this particular sector.

MKR Techsoft provides several partnership programs that are tailored towards various business models. We look for companies whose business models allow for the happiest of clients while providing healthy profits. We possess a famous name in SEO and web development industry since many years and have serviced a huge count of clients. You can assure your clients that their search marketing and developing needs are in skilled hands. Please contact us using our Contact Us form if you would like to become our partner.

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Increase Profits, Scale Your Business!

MKR Techsoft has always believed in creating long-term partnerships with its clients and business associates. We believe that the strength of a company lies in the strength of its relationship with partners, customers, employees, and stakeholders. We collaboratively work with our partners to provide a solution that’s right for everyone.

Over the years, working in this niche, MKR Techsoft has developed a decent number of partners across the world. Be it web design companies, marketing firms or individuals, we understand that each partner is different and so each partnership we develop is also unique. Our partnership programs have been designed to make it possible for you to expand your business and increase its profitability, regardless of its current size. With MKR Techsoft, you can not only improve your delivery capacity but also reduce costs which in-turn would make you more competitive in your particular niche.

Referral Partnership Program

This program is best suited for those individuals or companies who have a strong professional network and want forward leads to MKR Techsoft. You might or might not be from the web and app industry to be our referral partner. All you require to do is provide us with references and we will handle the lead and you get a section of the profit earned from those clients. Your fund will be secured for every successful project we generate through you.

Private Label Affiliation Program

The Private Label Affiliation Program is for those who have an experienced sales team and an established brand name but don’t want to invest in technical aspects. We can be your outsourcing partners and take care of providing the final product and still stay anonymous. You set the final price and quote for the project and we become your extended team. In this option, you will be responsible for all the client communication. Ownership and billing of account will be in your name.

Franchise Partnership Program

MKR Techsoft has built a strong brand name in the Web & Mobile App industry for the past 8 years. Take forward this name to your customers through Franchise Partnership Program. Under this partnership program, you market our services under the company name MKR Techsoft and take advantage of our extensive testimonials and portfolio to create instant credibility. This program is perfectly suitable for those who have a proficient marketing team but lack the brand recognition that we have.

You buy your local domain and hosting, we will host our website on your domain using frame forwarding. You convert business under our company name and you work as our franchise in your local area.


Why Partner With MKR Techsoft?

  • Providing more rounded digital marketing solutions for your clients means exceptional results with an incomparable service.
  • Delivering more rounded digital solutions for your clients means outstanding results with an incomparable service.
  • Working with online marketing experts that will partner with you and your clients to form a collaborative team.
  • Get completely customized internet marketing solutions to align with your clients’ business milestones.
  • The opportunity to earn commission for every referred client.