Board of Directors

Manmohan Kumar

Founder & Director

Manmohan Kumar is the CEO and Founder of MKR Techsoft Private Limited. Under his leadership, MKR Techsoft has grown to be one of the world-class digital marketing companies in the nation, as well as providing online marketing services to some of the top companies in the world. His work with clients helps them achieve organic search engine rankings resulting in increased website traffic and conversions. Today, Manmohan helps guide MKR Techsoft’s growth as a data-driven digital marketing company by serving on the management, new technology, and sales teams.


Managing Director

Ruby is the Managing Director of MKR Techsoft Private Limited. She is a marketing maven who effortlessly intertwines marketing tactics to get her clients unparalleled results. Customer service is at the forefront of what we do and she ensures that we adhere to this throughout the entire process and beyond. Whether she is thoroughly analyzing data to see where there is room for improvement or she is applying her newest innovative idea, one thing is for sure: Ruby lives for creativity in her marketing strategies.

Management Team

Davinder Kumar

Project Manager

As a project manager of MKR Techsoft, Davinder works with our clients to make sure their projects are delivered on timelines and meeting expectations, quality, and budget. Being detailed oriented, proactive and organized, Davinder is an asset to our company ensuring everyone is on task and comprehending their responsibilities while maintaining the client vision. In a way to find the best solution, he works with the clients to comprehend their business, growth and development plans.

Surinder Kumar

Business Development Manager

Surinder with over 7 years of project management experience is a skilled communicator and problem-solver who thrives on finding the most efficient and streamlined process for delivering the project on budget and on time. He approaches every project with fresh eyes, high-energy and a strong desire to exceed client expectations. No matter the size of the company or project, he strives to bring success and make his clients happy.

Business Development Team

Human Resource Management Team

Varun Kumar

Accountant/Human Resources Manager

With years of experience, Varun has helped businesses to grow and people to meet their financial ambitions. Varun is passionate about accounting and his professionalism is definitely an inspiration for everyone at MKR Techsoft. He has a wealth of hands-on and practical experience in advising businesses how to grow, making sure their financial structures are efficient and compliant at all times.

Harpal Singh Cheema

Advocate Legal Advisor

Harpal worked as a legal adviser for seven years at MKR Techsoft. He assisted to set up and now provide legal services and advice on a range of consumer law issues and neighbor disputes. He enjoys clarifying legal points for our members and guiding them on the legal issues that affect their everyday lives. Harpal collaborates with managers to help them make appropriate decisions by giving advice and information on policies, pay levels, practices, and provides expert perspective, guidance, and support to managers.

Web Development and Designing Team

Digital Marketing Team

Rakesh Roshan

Sr. SEO Analyst

Rakesh Roshan is one of our experienced SEO executives who has taken it upon himself to make our client’s websites rank on the top of result pages. He believes that our client’s growth and satisfaction are priceless and our top priority. Due to his expansive online marketing experience, Rakesh is well versed in all areas of SEO, specializing in keyword research, meta-data and social media.


SEO Lead

With 6 years of SEO experience, Ramita understands the common challenges faced by our varied client base and uses her knowledge of integrated marketing methods to create successful digital techniques and help them realize their online marketing objectives. Since moving into online marketing, her diverse knowledge proves invaluable for developing innovative online solutions for clients.

Social Media Optimization Team

Content Management Team