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The Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Density
January 5, 2021
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Domain Extension and its types
January 9, 2021
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How Is Structured Data Crucial For SEO?

How Is Structured Data Crucial For SEO

Providing clear information about your content to Google is known as structured data; we need a language that Google can understand, and the common is The Schema. Org support the three formats such as:

  • Microdata
  • RDFa

From these three, Google recommends JSON-LD because it is easily understood and implemented. The search engine views the content differently to the users; this schema markup explicitly informs it what is on the page.


It is the most recommended markup suggested by Google apart from RDFA and Microdata.  It is advised because it does not break the site compare to other markups do. Moreover, Google prefers this format. A Yoast SEO instinctively adds plenty of structured data JSON-LD to your site, which is not possible with other sites.

The structured data help Google to understand your content in a better way so that it can return the relevant results to the users.

For example: Let say you have a food or meal website with many recipes.  If you add structured data to a page, the search engine’s result might change to have more worth (richer) than other content that is shown. This is the reason the result is known as rich snippets or rich results.

What Is The Importance Of Structured Data?

  1. Structured data is a big deal; if you do not realize then take the help of Google and understand your content. The data will increase the search result’s visibility and make you stand out from the crowd with luring snippets.
  2. As the demand for mobile-first indexing rising the structured data becomes vital. Having a website that coherently works on mobile devices makes it easier for the user to gain elusive clicks if your results are informative and eye-catching.
  3. Structured data not only upgrade the appearance of your listings in search results; it also makes Siri and Alexa (voice assistance) understand your content. That matches your content with voice queries that is foremost part of the search landscape.

Structured Data Crucial For SEO


In What Ways The Structured Data Support The SEO?

Bing, Google, and various other search engines stimulate webmasters to operate structured data. Systematic data provide benefits (search results and content-specific) to websites as the structured data is correctly implemented.

  • It provides rich search results such as images, styling, and other visuals enhancements.
  • A variation in rich snippets or rich results, the rich cards is designed for mobile users.
  • It provides enriched search results with immersive or interactive features.
  • Systematic graph that provide information about an entity such as brand.
  • Identify the breadcrumbs in the search result.
  • Collecting numerous rich snippets in a carousel style.
  • To get the Accelerated Mobile Page on the rich snippets, it requires structured data.



Implementing code changes seems daunting; there are various tools and guides available to help you and your way in mastering the structured data. Whenever in doubt, do not jump on to complex properties instead of tackle the required page because less is always more.

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